Zombie Hunt

Zombie Paintball Hunting!

The undead have risen.
The Zombie apocalypse has begun.
There is only one way to stop them – you.

Report to Roca Scary Farm and join the resistance. Zombies may have the rage, but only you have the weapons.

We will supply you with paint balls, guns and fun while you ride our ZAVs (Zombie Attack Vehicles) into the hot zone. Paintball guns are the only proven method for Zombie annihilation.

The Zombies are growing more numerous every day. Join the fight before it’s too late. Suitable for all ages. 

Come join our assault team Sept. 22 – Oct. 28, 10 AM – 4 PM, Saturday and Sundays only.

Roca Scary Farm is Hunting for Zombies!

zombie flyer

Looking for flesh-eating, out-of-control Zombies!
Get paid to be a zombie. Bonus for working the whole season!! 
Fill out an application HERE

Best Pumpkin Farm in Nebraska! My son loved going there! There's many fun activities for the children and the food is great! I love there popcorn, caramel apples, and best of all their funnel cakes topped with fruit jams!! There's no place like

A beautiful facility! The outdoor environment was even more beautiful. The service was excellent from the staff.

Took both of my boys(4yrs old and a 15 month old) yesterday along with my husband and we had such a blast. There was something for all of us to do, from playing in the corn and duck races. I was so happy that my whole family could enjoy the pumpkin patch. And my kids also picked some small pumpkins that were just their size.

We went yesterday (Saturday) when there was no Husker game. I had been previously with our daughter, but only during the week, not on the weekend. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the line to get in moved, and how relatively short the lines for the attractions were given how busy it was.