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Zombie Fundraising

Zombie Fundraising

Earn money for your organization. Have a scary good time.

Looking for fresh new ideas for fundraising? Perhaps your organization has maxed out on pancake feeds and cookie sales. The good news is, we've got an exciting new fundraising opportunity at Roca Scary Farm that promises to be a scary good time while earning money for school trips, band equipment, sports teams, you name it. 

This basically means you're volunteering to act as zombies, creepy clowns, and other scary characters as a way to raise money for your organization!

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How the fundraising program works:

  • Your group signs up with at least 5 individuals. 
  • Must be at least 14 years old (adult chaperones required). Parental consent needed if volunteer is younger than 16 years old.
  • We work with your group to determine the nights your group would be able to volunteer at Roca Scary Farm

Note: Roca Scary Farm is only open on weekends in September and October. View the calendar here.

How you get paid:

The amount of money you can raise varies depending on the number of nights you commit to volunteer, according to the structure outlined below:

  • 1 night = $10 per person per night
  • 2 nights = $12 per person per night
  • 3 nights = $15 per person per night

So, if you commit to 3 nights or more, you'll earn $15 per person per night. For example, if you bring out your entire team, that could be a fun time to bond as a group, and you'll earn cash to benefit your organization! 

Checks for the total fundraising amount raised would be issued in the months following the close of the Roca Scary Farm season (season ends October 31).

Limited group slots available - act now!

We have a limited number of group slots available for this fundraising opportunity. It is a truly unique way to raise funds for your organization. And let's face it, what could be more fun than scaring the heck out of people? 

This fundraising opportunity takes place at Roca Scary Farm, located just south of Lincoln, NE in Roca. Click here to view the map to Roca Scary Farm



Do you just want to talk to a Roca Scary Farm staff member about this program? Call 402-421-2933.