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Scary Farm

Scary Farm

More than a haunted house...we have a whole haunted farm!

Get scared out of your mind at Roca Scary Farm. Admission is $19.99/person (includes tax) for The Psycho Path and the Sinister Circus or $24.99/person (includes tax) for The Psycho Path, Sinister Circus, and Zombie Hunt. OPEN on Halloween night! Ticket sales from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm on select nights - see the HOURS page for full details; the farm closes when the last person is scared.

Please call our pre-recorded hotline 402.421.2255 for current details.


  • NEW! Sinister Circus: Our Ringmaster guides you through a tour of Lurking Clowns and Circus Freaks.
  • The Psycho Path:  A 20-minute walk across an old bridge into a ghoul-ridden woods.
  • Zombie Hunt:  From our military truck or ZAV (Zombie Attack Vehicle), you can shoot at live Zombies as they try to overtake you.
  • The Haunted Manor:  A spooky old barn guaranteed to make you scream.


Fridays and Saturdays, the ticket booth is open until 9:30 pm; on Sundays, the ticket booth closes at 8:30 pm. See table below. Activities start at dark. The farm will stay open until each person gets through the activities.

FRISEPT 235:00 pm9:30 pm
SATSEPT 245:00 pm9:30 pm
FRISEPT 305:00 pm9:30 pm
SATOCT 15:00 pm9:30 pm
FRIOCT 75:00 pm9:30 pm
SATOCT 85:00 pm9:30 pm
THUOCT 135:00 pm9:30 pm
FRIOCT 145:00 pm9:30 pm
SATOCT 155:00 pm9:30 pm
SUNOCT 165:00 pm8:30 pm
FRIOCT 215:00 pm9:30 pm
SATOCT 225:00 pm9:30 pm
SUNOCT 235:00 pm8:30 pm
FRIOCT 285:00 pm9:30 pm
SATOCT 295:00 pm8:00 pm

CAMPFIRES:  $50.00

There are two different times for the fires: Noon to 4:00 pm pr 5:00 pm to Close. You will be charged based on choosing one or both times. Admission to the farm is required in addition to the campfire. Included in the $50.00 is wood, skewers and two picnic tables. Click here to make a reservation for a campfire

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Zombie Hunt

Don't miss out on Roca Scary Farm's Zombie Hunt. Ride on our military truck and take aim at live zombies as they try to overtake you.

Zombie Hunt

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Friday & Saturday with select Sundays.  Open through October 31st.